Life, longevity, healing… it's all in the cells

Vault is dedicated to insuring that you are prepared to take advantage of the most valuable resource you have for a long and healthy life. Your own cells.

Easy As 1, 2, 3

Vault's process makes it easy to collect and store your own Adult Stem Cells, preserving their powers of regeneration for future Age, Disease and Injury reversal.

Regeneration, the Future of Healing…

Everyday, regenerative medicine research is reshaping our future standards of medical care. Still, we have only begun to harness the healing potential within our own cells.

If You're Having Surgery...

Then you have a chance to store your own Adult Stem Cells from the tissues collected. This opportunity is rare and calls for the quality care and expertise that Vault provides.

What Is Your Genetic Inheritance?

National Institute of Health: Stem cells serve as an internal repair system

What We Do

Vault provides patients with a system to securely, reliably and efficiently collect and store their individual adult stem cells and tissue for the future use in age reversal and disease treatments. Through strategic alliances with dental surgeons, plastic and cosmetic surgeons, and other medical professionals, a network of knowledgeable champions are collecting and sharing information needed for client and public education.

Regenerative Cells

In the last decade there has been more alarm about stem cell research than fact. Broadly missed is the fact that over 2000 clinical trials are being studied around the world…most having nothing to do with controversial embryonic research. And many medical professionals agree that regenerative cells will be the future standard of care; promising new health and life choices for those having their healthy tissue available.

What's Coming

Adult stem cells, our own regenerative cells, are taking center stage in the research world with over $40B in worldwide research funding. Encouraging discoveries for disease and injury treatments accelerated rapidly after the discoveries of an abundance of regenerative stem cells in teeth & fat tissue. This painless extraction method opened the door to educating surgery patients about research discoveries that now cover almost the entire body.