Pricing: Dental Pulp Collection

Should I wait for the tooth to fall out? No. You should make an appointment with your dentist to extract the tooth and follow the instructions on the Dental Pulp Stem Cell Collection Kit.  

ProcessThe process in the office is very easy.   It starts in the consult with your dentist or nurse introducing the purpose for banking your healthy stem cells- with information you need and will find useful in defining the potential behind your own regenerative cells.  You will then be armed with brochures and video links to answer Frequently Asked Questions and to understand why stem cells are now routinely understood to be the future standard of care.  Once you have made the decision to move forward, you will then enroll on-line to begin the process.

Once enrolled, a Tissue Collection & Transport Kit is sent to your dentist’s office, with all the required elements. The kit must be stored at room temperature until the scheduled dental surgery and the dental office will have all the necessary instructions within the kit for the procurement of dental pulp.

The doctor will place all collected dental tissue, post surgery, into the Kit and the practice administrator will make all arrangements for FedEx overnight shipment via the Vault secure portal set up for each practice.  The rest is up to us at Vault, making the process easy, fast and secure.