Adipose Tissue

Autologous stem cells are a patient’s own regenerative cells that are identified, isolated, grown and transplanted back into the patient’s body.  

Natural FillerBy banking adipose tissue [fat] following liposuction procedures, patients can save a biological resource for emerging treatments and procedures. Approximately 400,000 liposuction procedures are performed each year in the United States and this number is on the rise. These procedures yield anywhere from 100ml to 3L of lipoaspirate tissue, with as many as 2 million stem cells. This material is routinely discarded as medical waste. Vault can now collect, clean, and preserve these miraculous cells for life-enhancing therapies in your future.

Saving your own vibrant, healthy tissue now makes it easy and convenient for you to use at anytime in the future. And by having lifelong access to your own tissue and cells for procedures- like correction of deep facial lines and wrinkles, you can experience dramatic and lasting benefits, without the adverse risk to having foreign material in your bloodstream. The use of your natural cells in cosmetics can help maintain a youthful appearance, by restoring volume and improving skin tone in many areas, keeping in mind that the cells that work this magic are your own.  Rather than concentrating synthetic chemical filler to soften facial features, you can fill age lines with your own healthy tissue and cells. While the chemical filler is inactive, the use of your own stem cells is a living tissue that regenerates new skin cells and blood vessels, restoring a youthful tone to your skin while softening the facial lines and wrinkles.

LiposuctionWhen your doctor requests some of your tissue for use, vibrant stem cells that don’t age from the time the cells were collected and stored in cryopreservation, are then multiplied to the quantity desired by the doctor in a process called ‘cell enrichment,’ which removes unnecessary fluids and concentrates the density of the strongest and most active cells to help ensure the best result. Researchers attribute success to that the adipose cells release different types of natural substances that send signals to increase blood flow and give rise to healthy skin cells.  Other treatments in clinical stages include breast reconstruction and breast augmentation.