It’s Not Science Fiction If It’s Really Happening:

short abstractsArticles on stem cell clinical trials and actual treatments taking place around the world should interest everyone, whether they choose to bank their own cells or not.  For most people, proof and belief only come with time and experience.  And with anything new, especially a claim about regenerative medicine being the future standard of care, society will arrive at that understanding only with responsible examples of what is here now, probable, possible, or even fanciful.

Stem cell research could be classified as all of these things.  The purpose of our Blog is to highlight full articles in short and interesting abstract summaries.  We try to hit the high points and bring you the meat of the articles.  In most cases, there will be additional links taking you to the full article for more detail.  We hope you will find the topics to be relevant and worthy of your time to read.  Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section following each short abstract.

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