Vault Your Youth

YouthThe teeth and tissue surgical patients discard may be the link to improving their quality of life, or perhaps even saving a life. Dental stem cells, fat tissue and bone marrow from adults may be utilized in hundreds… and potentially thousands of disease and injury treatments over the next twenty years -with an added benefit of being usable in anti-aging and cosmetic procedures.

Teeth, Fat and Bone Marrow tissue are a rich source of stem cells, specifically referred to as Mesenchymal stem cells, which can differentiate themselves into a variety of other cell types, including:

  • Myocytes: to repair muscle
  • Cardio Myocytes: to repair damaged cardiac tissue
  • Neurons: to generate nerve and brain tissue
  • Osteocytes: to generate bone
  • Chondrocytes: to generate cartilage

Dental, Fat and Bone Marrow banking effectively takes what has been discarded as a waste product and enables the patient to put these cells into preservation pending their future use in regenerative medicine, anti-aging and disease treatments.  The procedure is simple.

VAULT provides a total solution, minimizing the time and effort for the medical practice team, opening the door to potential life-saving and cost-saving treatments.