Regenerative Cells

From Age Reversal to Saving Your Life

Regenerative Medicine (RM) is an emerging field involving stem cell therapy, which opens the door to many more therapeutic applications.  Regenerative Medicine will employ methods to restore the function of damaged tissue and organs, meaning, stem cell therapy is emerging as a revolutionary new way to treat disease and injury, with wide-ranging life-enhancing benefits as well. It works by introducing stem cells into an area where the normal cells have lost their function due to age, disease or injury to the body.  Stem cells are used to regenerate or repair the damaged cells and restore normal function.

Stem cells are saving lives right now and some of the greatest breakthroughs are right around the corner, with restorative properties that drive the natural healing process throughout your life.  The amazing thing about most stem cells is their ability to hone in on the site of damage.

On the surface, stem cells might seem irrelevant because one is in good health and lacks any of the disorders mentioned in the family genetics, such as: heart disease, cancer, diabetes etc.  However, preserving your stem cells may be fundamental to even get ‘in the game’ of Regenerative Medicine, due to their unique property of being forever ‘young’ and responsive to changes within your body.

The four main aspects in Regenerative Medicine:

  • Organ regeneration.
  • Tissue engineering and repair.
  • Cellular therapies for cures, treatments and life enhancement.
  • Using the cells in clinical discoveries.

Cellular therapy is to use one’s OWN stem cells to re-populate specific cells that may be defective or dead.  Many disorders require the transplant of new cells to replace the damaged- with a key requirement to have genetically matched stem cells. That is why it is most beneficial to bank one’s own stem cells, since they are the ONLY exact genetic match to the individual.